The Woman Rising

Flower EssenceΒ Practitioner & Coach Training Program





For Healers & Sacred Activists

called to serve

More than a program, this comprehensive journey is for women who wish to use plant medicines to serve others in their trauma repair.


Women eager to experience the potency and power of Flower Essences. 

Women brave enough to do their own, inner healing work in order to deconstruct internalized oppression.

Women yearning for more intimacy with self, others, and Nature.

Women called to an evolutionary edge as Earth Wisdom Keepers and Medicine Women bringing forth the gifts from their unique lineage: right here, right now.


For the past 8 years, the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner & Coach Training Program has empowered Women to harness the power of plant medicine to:

  • Release trauma and emotional triggers in a gentle yet powerfully direct way
  • Know precisely how to break through stuck places and plateaus
  • Deepen your partnership and intimacy with the plants and Mother Earth
  • Connect with the unseen and attune with the trees and flowers through spirit communications
  • Master the art of counseling and coaching so you can hold space for another’s healing
  • Create your own, specific + personalized Flower Essence formulas for every client + situation
  • Fully inhabit the body — so crucial, yet so rare
  • Build a thriving, sustainable business by honoring what’s resonant and true for you (this is the best Business Map)

Become a focalizer for true healing through a unique integration of:

Flower Essence Apprenticeship


Learn the clear, systematic method of Flower Essence healing used by our global sisterhood of practitioners for over 9 years. Immediately practical and deeply rooted in Earth-based life skills, plant allyship, shamanic wisdom, this training will help you:

  • Understand how Flower Essences work and why they’re so potent for trauma release
  • Facilitate profound healing by getting to the root of emotional patterns and trauma
  • Learn the art of spirit-led plant communication and how to attune with the plants everywhere you are
  • Create customized formulations
  • Receive a starter apothecary of 50 Flower Essences
  • Start a business and work with clients immediately

Counseling & Coach Training


Receive exceptional coaching practices, education, and skills so you can fully embody your role as healer:

  • Learn the fine art of questioning, listening and assessing your own cultural interpretations in order to avoid unconscious bias
  • Walk your clients through their shadows
  • Hold space for others’ healing journeys
  • Skillfully express compassion without exhausting yourself by setting boundaries and practicing energetic protection
  • Learn a dialogue process that traces symptoms to their roots so you can create the perfect formula for each client, every time.
  • Gather precise information that you then can use to create perfect formulas for your clients
  • Experience 2 Live Practicum Sessions where you are practicing your facilitation of this healing modality

Business, Legal & Diversity Mentorship Training 


Learn to build a sustainable, thriving business so that this healing modality is more widely known and respected. You will learn how to:

  • Bridge the practical and the mystical through every choice and the direction of your business
  • Expand your clientele with diverse, eager people seeking your unique gifts
  • Confidently put into words what you offer (and why it’s valuable) in a way that feels good to you and conveys Inclusivity and Equity
  • Honor the deep value you provide as a healer, so you can un-shame yourself around money and feel confident charging for your services
  • Understand the importance of making resonant, coherent business choices (so you don’t fall for business advice rooted in patriarchal structures that are outdated
  • Legalities of running your business with Guest Mentor

Personal Healing Odyssey


Learn to practice what you preach by doing your own, inner work. That's why this training emphasizes and deeply supports your personal transformation through:

  • Three one-on-one sessions over consecutive months with an experienced Woman Rising Flower Essence practitioner. You’ll receive three personalized Flower Essence counseling sessions (including a formula customized just for you). This is more than mentoring: this is entirely for YOU and your own, personal growth, so you can do the work you need to do and experience for yourself the true power of working with customized Flower Essence formulas.
  • Repairing emotional woundings from individual experiences and societal traumas like sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. and healing those scars with stronger resilient support from Nature 
  • Reframing and releasing limiting mental beliefs and doubts keeping you stuck
  • Healing trauma held in your body and claiming your role as vibrant, whole Earth Priestess Healer.

Community Support 


Growth & Healing can not happen on your own. This container provides a place of intimacy for you to look at your Light and Shadows, within the realms of Relating and you are encouraged to:

  • Show up as you are during our Sister Council Calls where you are able to share vulnerably and witness another woman do the same. This is Curriculum, but using your body, rather than your mind.
  • Honor the magic that is created within Sisterhood while also repairing wounds that have occurred in this lifetime or a past lifetime.
  • Receive heartfelt connection and expression in our sharing spaces - all women here carry similar visions and want to support one another to arrive to their Dream
  • Learn from one another and our diverse backgrounds (race, religion, culture, land) 
  • Live as a community member, meaning that the sum of all parts is greater than one part. We are stronger together.

My life is forever changed by Flower Essences. 

I’m more connected to myself and the universe. I’ve always been really connected to nature and the external world but to bring them into my own self, create more sovereignty within myself, and to be more connected to myself, will better help me assist the collective and those around me and shine my light vibration. I never would have been able to feel this way or get to where I am without the plants in this class. I knew absolutely nothing about Flower Essences prior to taking this class, and with all the knowledge I have learned I’m able to take a step back and really observe myself, how I interact with the world around me, how others fit into the world around me and how I can better contribute to the world around me. It’s truly the most remarkable blessing I’ve ever received and I’ll forever be grateful! – Lisa

About Your Mentor

Ameya & The Program

Flower Essences called me over 24 years ago as I studied with Master Herbalists and Practitioners like Rosemary Gladstar, Eliot Cowan, and David Dalton. These Lineage holders mentored me as I blossomed from Maiden into Lover and then Mother. 

It is them I honor and walk beside as we spread the power and profundity of Flower Essences, which are the hearth of my work in the world and guide me in every aspect/space of my life.

The origin of Flower Essences is steeped in Indigenous and Native wisdom from around the world. Ancient Ones who partnered with the spiritual and emotional healing found within plants and trees since the beginning of time, formed the roots of this healing modality. Great myths, cosmologies, and entire medical systems evolved from this wise relationship with Nature.

As a descendent of both Russian and German medicine people and wise ones, I recognize the ways this ethnobotanical approach to life and living emerged through different lands and cultures, weaving through ancestral lines, including my own. I also recognize how in modern times, these sacred traditions were demonized. Indigenous lineages from Africa, the Americas and Australia were forced (often violently) to forget them and assimilate to Westernized views of health.  

In honor of my lineage and in deep respect for those lineages whose access to this wisdom was oppressively interrupted, I feel immense privilege to be an instrument for this work.  

As I teach, train and coach others, I feel tremendous humility for the extraordinary gift of this sacred plant medicine modality and the unique contribution I provide through my lens of informed trauma.

That’s why this is so much more than a program for me. It is my life’s work and great passion.

When you enroll in this program, you will feel this. I share vulnerably all the ways Flower Essences have repaired internalized traumas caused by patriarchal, capitalistic and culturally supremacist lexicons of less-than, power-over, and separation.

And in this space, lovingly held by myself, other women, and the flowers, you will move toward living your embodied essence while healing the aspects of how these outdated systems have harmed you.

Flower Essences aren’t a magic pill — there’s no such thing when it comes to sustainable transformation. But when you experience ancient healing processes (which is what this Practitioner & Coach Training teaches), Flower Essences are powerful allies that can spring you forward, through safe, effective pathways. I am convinced they are the medicine our world needs right now.


And it is here where the miraculous occurs.


As you change internally – releasing hurtful stories and limiting beliefs, internalized white supremacy, and pharma-addicted Western medicine , you come in to right relationship with your Mission and Sacred Service, under the tutelage of Nature’s Wisdom.

In addition, this new internal orientation helps us heal our families, communities and global society. 

The more we speak openly about healing root causes, the less we’ll be distracted by superficial symptoms. 

The more we collaborate across cultural differences, the less we’ll feel fear and shame about our exploitative history. 

The more we demonstrate compassion for Gaia and all humans, the less we’ll contribute to medical systems that perpetuate harm to so many marginalized and impoverished groups. 

The more we love as Sisters, the less we will feel divided, separate or alone.

I invite you to walk alongside me. Through our shadows. Towards our dreams. Let us co-create a world we are proud to leave for the next seven generations. 

I Love this program and am proud of it in every way. It is my dream come true and profound honor to support you as you claim your place in a plant medicine lineage and share this powerful medicine with those who need it.

 Our Comprehensive Curriculum



Creating a Strong Container


Feel officially welcomed into this program and Lineage

Call in the elements. Make commitments around privacy and understand our structure

Create a strong, safe container so we can go deep together for the next 6 months

Start your path of plant communication and attunement (so key for being a self-reliant Medicine Woman)

Learn about the deep historical roots of Flower Essence work: ethnobotany, traditional wisdom, shamanism, and Deep Ecology



The Multidimensional Modality of Flower Essences


Open up to new ways of experiencing nature, through all of your senses

Understand how plants embody energetic and elemental principle

Recognize the Doctrine of Signatures and start connecting physical and emotional symptoms with plants

Learn homoeopathic dilution from start to finish, so you can make Flower Essences and formulas



The Alchemy of Water


Understand the importance of Water as the carrier element that brings Flower Essences into tangible form

Learn about the Intelligence Encoded in Water which carries potentiality to relate with human consciousness

Devotional practices to protect, honor, and tend to Water as a Holy Conduit

Begin to relate to the Waters in your local area and ritualize as an extension of your body and this healing modality



Meditation & Journey Work

To Connect With Plant Spirits 


The Art of crossing the Veils to the realms of Plant Spirits
Learn how to surrender to the Liminal Mind as a place of Truth

Explore the steps of how to communicate with the Deva of a Plant or Tree

Understand how to receive plant spirit messages and then how to bring these forward into your life and practice



Trauma + the Chakra System


Learn how trauma and emotional pain become imprinted on the Chakra system

Explore the spectrum of trauma and how it impacts soul development, in the body and personality

Understand how past wounding can show up as present circumstances, physical symptoms, emotional patterns, and beliefs

Dive deep into the First Chakra so you can create a stable foundation for the entire system

Create safety and healing in the First Chakra through specific Flower Essences



How to Repair Sexual Abuse Wounding + Fortify Boundaries


Learn why there’s an epidemic of wounding in Chakra Two for modern women

Help your clients heal from boundary violations, emotional trauma, and abuse

Learn the signs of sexual violation in a client’s past (and help them heal it) even if they don’t mention it

Recognize places in past and current relationships where sexual trauma has limited the ability to be intimate

Heal betrayals and fortify boundaries with Flower Essences specifically for Chakra Two.



Energetic Protection + Exerting Your Will Force


Land more fully in the body with the help of energetic protection essences

Protect yourself from others’ energies and stories, so you don’t take on their energy — essential for the empathic practitioner!

Learn a simple, 5-minute energetic protection practice you can practice before clients to discharge foreign energy, seal yourself, give gratitude

Recognize your body’s ways of telling you you’ve taken on others’ energies (headaches, insomnia, nausea, and more)

Create Flower Essences that bolster confidence and manifest dreams by supporting the Third Chakra



How to Create Customized Formulations


Learn the art + science of formulation and dosing

Understand an analytical, intellectual approach to creating customized formulations

Explore intuitive styles of creating formulations: muscle testing, pendulums, and more

Learn how to create formulations based on what you’re hearing from a client



The Art of Counseling


Hold space for true transformation through insightful questions, deep listening, and unbiased curiosity

Create rapport and trust, set boundaries, and create a container for deep work

Know what questions to ask in that first session to get a full picture

Avoid plateaus and relapses by stabilizing a client’s system and identifying the best healing pace for them

Work through common issues like transference and counter-transference

Recognize the signs of resistance, why it happens, and how to work through it

Learn to “see” themes in your client’s story so you can customize the most powerful Flower Essence formula for them



A Somatic Approach to Healing Trauma


Learn about the spectrum of trauma (intergenerational, childhood, past life), from extreme to subtle violations

Understand what trauma does on a somatic level: the hormonal and nervous responses

Unfreeze the body from shock, help the soul incarnate more fully, and support the nervous system with specific Flower Essences

Support clients through trauma release with inner child work, somatic tracking, and storytelling through the body

Learn self-regulation practices to soothe the nervous system



Treating the Trifecta of Modern Women’s Emotional Epidemics

Understand the underlying factors at the root of many women’s emotional issues: depression, anxiety, and irritability

Learn the different causes and personality patterns that lead to depression (hint: you treat them all differently!)

Learn the extremely specific questions to ask to support someone out of anxiety

Help women feel less irritable by helping them feel heard and truly resourced

Guide your client into the core wound at the root of their symptoms, so they can heal for good

Understand addiction and learn specific Flower Essences to treat all of these issues.



Open the Heart and Speak Your Truth

Help clients release “armor” and closures around the heart

Support clients through heartbreak, heartache, and longing

Understand the connection between the Root Chakra and the Heart

Help your clients speak their truth and deal with confrontation by harnessing the power of the Throat Chakra

Learn how to support pregnant mothers, babies, toddlers, and children with Flower Essences



Deeper Coaching + Flower Essence Techniques

Learn fundamental coaching tools that support a client’s emotional and feeling bodies

Help your clients ascertain response v reaction and impact v intention to shift behavioral and mental patterns

Empower clients to know their own needs and boundaries and to actively create more healthful ways of relating in their life

Receive more nuanced ways to work with specific wounds and beliefs with specific Flower Essences so that you have protocol for the real issues a client struggles with



Create a Thriving, Sustainable Business

Learn great strategies to build your clientele

Identify your niche: who you’re most passionate about supporting

Talk to different audiences about Flower Essences in a way that they’ll receive (and feels great to you)

Put your passion on a loudspeaker through effective, decolonizing marketing

Learn how to make smart business decisions by trusting what feels resonant to YOU



Legalities & Diversity within your Business

Learn from Guest Teachers who will teach you about business contracts, website terms, and tax agreements you might need in your Flower Essence Coaching offerings

Understand the value of honoring your business as an entity that both provides extraordinary healing while also providing you an income

Receive education on cultivating Diversity and Inclusivity as foundational to your Business Mission, Overall Service, and Outreach

Create a Mission Statement that promotes equity and honors those who are marginalized


MODULE 16 & 17 

Case Studies + Wildcards


Integrate everything you’ve learned and put it into practice by exploring Case Studies

Refine your counseling skills

Understand how to lead your client to her core wound … and core essence

Show up with questions from your own clients (because you’ll be seeing them by now!)

Circle back to any remaining questions



Along with Ameya, meet your three Flower Essence Mentors

Ullasita Rose Devi, Karuna Nicole, and Jo Bell Cummings

These wonderful women will work privately with you in your one-on-one sessions and will also attend our live retreats, often sharing additional teachings.

All of these women have trained as Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioners. They also each have their unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences to inform and expand this work.

Most importantly, each one has been devoted to her unfoldment and emotional transformation through Flower Essences for quite some time.

Heal others. Transform yourself.
Connect with the plants. Share your gifts.
Answer your calling.


A bit more about what sets this program apart …



There is simply no other program out there like the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program. It is extensive and nuanced, in every way that is necessary for this Path of Healing Work. 

Experience the power of Flower Essence Counseling and Coaching

You’ll receive three private Flower Essence Counseling sessions of your very own. And frankly? These alone are worth the price of the program. By working with an experienced Flower Essence Practitioner (and receiving a customized formula, just for you), you’ll experience the power of Flower Essences for yourself. These sessions are just for you and your growth. And they’re why every single woman who’s gone through this program has called it “life-changing.”


Deepen your Earth Wisdom

 Flower Essences are fundamentally connected to native lineages who have connected to plant spirits for thousands of years. We’ll go deep into Earth-based Shamanism and Priestess teachings so you can fortify your partnership with Gaia and allow her rhythms to support you and your clients’ healing journeys. Learn how to recognize yourself as a reflection of Nature, deeply communicate with the earth, and hear (and answer) the call of the cosmos.

Kickstart your own apothecary with 68 Flower Essences

 Most other programs require you to buy Flower Essences after your training. But we think every practitioner should receive a generous starter kit. Unboxing this package is such an exciting moment!

Sister Council Calls

Each month we will gather together in Sisterhood to share, release, and be heard. This is an integral part of our program because it creates another layer of intimacy and also because you will be journeying through many layers within your own healing, personally as you step into practitioner role. These are not mandatory but are highly suggested.


Practicum Sessions

Towards the end of our 6 month Program, you will begin practicing. You will receive 2 sessions where you are able to step into the role of practitioner and receive feedback and reflection so that you can continue to better yourself and your capabilities to facilitate another’s healing journey in a powerful and life-altering way. These are not mandatory but are highly suggested. 


An exceptionally rich Sisterhood

You’ll connect with us in our 16 live content calls, Sister Council Calls, Practicum Sessions and within our active online platform, and in person at our (optional) retreat. You will be held, supported, and lovingly challenged for the entirety of this program — and if you choose, beyond, as part of our Collective (more on this below).


I am deeply invested in your success.
As a Sister and as a practitioner

You’ll get more than training — you’ll get a mentor. I walk my talk and care so deeply. I am invested in you being met, being treated with presence and deep caring, and having your own, bone-deep and transformational experience. I champion you on your own healing journey. That’s why I am unusually generous and available to my students. This modality is my passion, and I am so excited to share it with you.



I feel so much more grounded and calm.

I now feel purposeful and passionate in sharing flower essences. Mentorship helped me tremendously, and I feel like I was able to step into my next level of being during this program because of it. I certainly recommend this program. It gave me the knowledge and confidence, and put the passion back into it for me. I also feel a lot less anxious than I was before, knowing that I always have flower essences as a reliable tool to help me through whatever I am facing. – Thelma

What’s Included


This comprehensive program includes everything you need to start working with Flower Essences in a powerful, sustainable way, including:


⁕ A robust, 22-week constructed curriculum of online content

⁕ 16 LIVE, 90-120 minute Virtual Content Calls with Ameya 

⁕ 2 Practicum Sessions per student with Feedback and Reflections

⁕ 3 one-on-one Flower Essence sessions with one of our Woman Rising Certified Flower Essence Mentors, including customized Flower Essence formulas. These are for YOU to do your own work — and they are priceless.

⁕ A big, beautiful set of 68 Flower Essences to kickstart your personal apothecary

 β• Communion with the Unseen + Journey Work

⁕ Legal Information for Small Business Owners

⁕ A solid, lively Sisterhood in our Private Online Space

 β•Virtual Graduation + gifts (shhhh surprises!)

⁕ Certification (once requirements are met with a yearly fee)

⁕ Invitation to continue your education by joining our collective.

Wherever you are along your Flower Essence journey

you are welcome here

Over the past 8 years, we’ve found this program is ideal for:

  • Women who have already studied Flower Essences who want more depth and detail about how they can release trauma and emotional patterns
  • Women offering healing in other modalities — massage therapy, herbalism, acupuncture, midwifery, etc. — who want additional tools for their Medicine Basket
  • Health coaches, life coaches, and women’s health practitioners who want to help their clients move more quickly out of stuckness, plateaus, and deep-seated patterns
  • Mothers seeking natural remedies to support their children on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels — from infancy all the way through adulthood
  • Newbies who have dabbled in Flower Essences and already know: this is part of their dharma path
  • Lovers of the depths and women who are devoted to doing their own emotional healing work
  • Any woman who’s heard the call of the plants.

I am more secure and confident.

As a result of this program, I have overcome a lot of fear in my life. Having Ameya as my teacher was incredible, as she deeply embodies the work that she teaches and is a great example of Being in her body and doing her soul's work. I would definitely recommend this program to others! It is a great experience to be in a women's group where our collective and individual traumas are held so lovingly and respectfully, while at the same time, learning how to heal with flower essences. – April

How To Apply

This intimate training has limited space to ensure it is dynamic and truly life-changing for every single participant. 


Tuition: $4500

We recognize that there may be financial barriers for those in traditionally marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities and single parents) and/or those with extremely limited financial resources. We offer both extensive payment plans as well as partial scholarships.  

A percentage of your tuition contributes to Lakota People’s Law Project in recognition of the extreme injustice these communities continue to face.


This is more than a program. It’s a journey. And an intimate sisterhood.


If you’re feeling called to this program and are ready to step up and invest your time, money, and energy in answering this call … please take the first step by filling out a brief application.

Once I review it, I’ll schedule a time to speak with you personally, so I can answer all of your questions and make sure we’re a beautiful fit.

Questions and Answers to Consider…

This has shifted so much.

Flower Essences support shifts to happen in such beautiful, gentle and profound ways. It's such a powerful tool to have and add to my spiritual coaching programs. I am no longer attached to the outcomes of people's judgements, opinions and acceptance. This has been extremely powerful for me. I would totally recommend this program to others. There is so much to receive from Ameya and the Flower Essences. Truly on so many levels. – Sandra

Our Worlds Is Afire With Chaos And Possibility.


These are the crucial, crumbling, exciting times that will be spoken of for generations to come.
We have the power to change the world. Now.
To be the revolutionaries our great-grandchildren will honor.
To follow our truths.
To re-weave the threads.
To usher ourselves and our world into wholeness.
To be the changemakers.


Now is the time.


If you’re ready to transform your compassion into sacred activism …
If you want highly transformational tools in your medicine basket …
If you’ve heard the call to use plant medicines …
If you’re ready to become a healer and Sacred Activist ….
If you’re ready to do your own radical healing …
If you’re ready to step into the next phase of your sovereignty and priestess power …
If you’re ready to offer your love and service to others, yourself, and the Earth …
If you’re excited and maybe a little nervous …


Join us.

Flower Essence
Practitioner Training Program 

& Coach Training

For Healers, Sacred Activists +
Modern Medicine Women called to serve